Would you like to eat all year round homegrown vegetables? Would you garden, but do not know how?

If you opened this page, you are probably already aware that you can not know the quality of the fruit and vegetables purchased in the local hypermarket. Often we do not know its origin. Have you ever though of growing vegetables at home, despite the fact that you live in a built-up area and do not have space for a garden?

The book “Organic top roof garden” provides a practical solution for urban gardening. It is intended for all those who live in cities and do not have a place for a classical garden. Author, prof. Gojko Stanic Phd. has a garden on the roof of his house for 18 years. The book writes about his experiences and provides a range of practical tips.


To start you need a good mood, little tools and this book!

The book is written as a practical guide for anyone who would like to garden in a similar manner. In it you will find content for self-supply of healthy fresh fruit, berries and vegetables.

The book is full of practical tips, pictures and sketches that will help you with your own garden

The book provides 19 artilcels of other professionals and amateur gardeners.

  • Hardcover
  • More than 200 color picutres
  • 116 pages

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The Book will help you answer the following questions:

  • How to make flower beds?
  • Where to put them?
  • How much land do I really need?
  • What kind of soil to use?
  • How to make a planting plan?
  • How to grow plants?
  • Which plants grow togheter and which not?
  • What are the costs?
  • Can I save money by growing my own vegetabels?

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